Thursday, September 30, 2010


OK so I have some really cute Halloween cards I want to share with you but my Internet is acting funky... I can not load pictures drat! So hubby is going to fix either tonight or tomorrow morning!! I am going to try a few different ideas to get pictures up so I can post my cards!

See you soon

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project Twenty Three

OK so this has been a hard week for us. One of our dogs passed away this week....very sad for hubby and me, but hardest on our other dog, Lady. She has never been by herself. So we are keeping a watchful eye on her. So RIP my sweet Elliott!
But when you think things are looking down, we are hoping to hear from our social worker some time tomorrow to see about an adoption placement so keep us in your prayers.

OK so today's project is part of a monthly tag swap being help by KinderStampO. Jess is wonderful. So the theme for September's tags was destinations. So where would I go if I could Walt Disney World of course....easy here is my tag and yes Jess they are on there way to you right now!


Cartridge was Joys to the Season
cut with Design Studio at 3 x 5
There is a chipboard center
White paper on front and red paper on back.
I used 2 pieces of pattern paper from Disney one piece was red the other blue
Basic ribbon was used
The name of Walt Disney World was a sticker i used...
.....I still have issues with same fonts LOL

Cartridge used Mickey and Friends
I used Cri Kits pens from Cricut Dan
Emma from My Creative Time used them on a video a few weeks pop over a take a look at what they do then visit Cricut Dan to purchase your own gel pens....Love them!!
So I created this image and then used Copics to color in Mickey and Minnie
I added some glitter to Minnie along with white dots.
I added some glaze to their ears to give them a shiny look.

Thanks for looking I loved them!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Project Twenty Two

OK So I have been away from crafting these past weeks. I think it has only been a few days till I just realized it's been some weeks since I posted. Well that has to change LOL So I made this little card pretty quick. I learned the multi-colored pattern paper from my Stampin Up demonstrator. She used alcohol inks which made it so easy. This didn't go the same way but it was different.  I cut a 3 inch Mickey head using Mickey Font and it was pretty simple!! Thanks for looking!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Project Tweny-one C

Happy Sunday and welcome back to project twenty-one my Mini Album Kit Eeyore.
OK so part A was the photo mats
Part B was one of the two Embellishments.
Today's part C is the Journal Spot.

I decided to make a tree shaped journal spot.
I started by printing lines on green card stock and putting on the Cricut mat to cut.
Then I used Design Studio to place the trees correctly.

Once the trees were cut. I added the next layer the trunk of the tree.
I placed a trunk on the backside of the tree also, in case someone didn't want to Journal with the lines.

So this is the what the mini kit looks like so far

I have one more embellishment to do, which is what you got a sneak peek yesterday.
I am waiting for something to get back in stock at my local store so I can finish it.
Then all I have to do is do a little bag of Flair, which I am still trying to come up with.

Thanks for Looking

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Project Twenty-one-B

OK so now on to the next step in my Eeyore Mini Album kit Swap!!

OK so I hope you took a minute to read the info in project 20 in not take and second to read!

This is part B of the project- Embellishments.
Part A I made the photo frames. This part I used my Cricut and Cut out Eeyore's name in 3 layers.
The top layer I used my Xyron 5 inch sticker maker and made the front of the top layer a sticker. Yes i said the front LOL.
I then combined Martha Stewart's Robins Egg and Hydrangea flocking powder to get a more Eeyore color. I then flocked the top layer of the name plate and added a few Rhinestone's. I have 1 more embellishment to make then I will be working on a Journal Spot. So here is a picture of the name plate.

So here is what I have so far

This is a little sneak peek at the next step....

I will explain how I did this in the next step!

Thanks for Looking

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Project Twenty-one

OK so I am working on a mini album swap thingy...Did this make any sense...LOL

So each member of a four person team were assigned a Winnie the Pooh Character. I got Eeyore. So we are to make 4 complete Mini-Kits. Each kit is to be the same. We send in our 4 same mini-kits then the person organizing this sends us back one of each person's mini-kit. So in the end you have a mini kit for each Winnie the Pooh character. OK so now that I explained this LOL....I am starting with the first part of my mini kit.

I had to make 2 photo mats and each one was to have some sort of Embellishment on it. The first mat was for a 4 x 6 photo and the second one will be for a 4 x 4 photo. So here are my photo frames for this project. Each day for a couple of days you will see what's next  for me to make for my mini Eeyore kits.

Pattern paper is EK Success Winnie the Pooh line
Colored paper is Brazzill's Dark Denim

4x4 Photo Mat
Dark Denim is 5 x5
Pattern Paper is 4.5 x 4.5
With a butterfly Ribbon attached.
Ribbon was from Micheal's.

4 x 6 Photo Mat
Pattern Paper was 5 x 7
Dark Denim was 4.5 x  6.5
I rounded the corner's using the EK Success Medium Rounder
I then added a grouping of Prima flowers and a brad to hold it all together!

Thanks for Looking
Check Back tomorrow for the next step!