Sunday, September 5, 2010

Project Tweny-one C

Happy Sunday and welcome back to project twenty-one my Mini Album Kit Eeyore.
OK so part A was the photo mats
Part B was one of the two Embellishments.
Today's part C is the Journal Spot.

I decided to make a tree shaped journal spot.
I started by printing lines on green card stock and putting on the Cricut mat to cut.
Then I used Design Studio to place the trees correctly.

Once the trees were cut. I added the next layer the trunk of the tree.
I placed a trunk on the backside of the tree also, in case someone didn't want to Journal with the lines.

So this is the what the mini kit looks like so far

I have one more embellishment to do, which is what you got a sneak peek yesterday.
I am waiting for something to get back in stock at my local store so I can finish it.
Then all I have to do is do a little bag of Flair, which I am still trying to come up with.

Thanks for Looking


  1. Very cute set...great your blog ...

  2. Great idea with pre-printing the lines on the cardstock before cutting out the trees. I never thought of that. Your Eeyore kit is looking really cute!

  3. This is GREAT! I love it! I will be doing this with the kids for school now. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  4. This is cute. Is it for a 12x12 page? Love this idea.