Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Day!!

Hubby went to Micheal's and bought me a GYPSY!!!
I was going to work on a project this afternoon but will get to it tonight...

I am having issues with Vista and the Gypsy Sync installing but hubby
says he will fix it when he gets here in an hour until then I am linking my so excited I get the extra cartridges with the November 1st update!!


  1. Wahooo Beckie! You are going to love your Gypsy!!!

  2. You lucky girl! Have fun with your new gadget. And what a nice hubby to buy you the gypsy. He's a keeper. :)

  3. YEAH!!! What a fabulous hubby you have. Your gonna love it!

  4. You are going to LOVE THE GYPSY!! So happy for you. Am now a follower8) Hope you come by and visit me