Friday, October 1, 2010

Project Twenty-Four

OK so my Internet issues are not settled yet...yes I dropped my hot spot and now it's not working. So I am at work with hubby so I can upload this cute little project. Plus I normally try my hand at a few challenges here and there, so I just got a feed blitz from Robyn over at My Pink Stamper is having a "Spooky" challenge. And the prize is her brand new "Spooky Puns Stamps". If you have not been to My pink stamper stop by she is so awesome and her site is so informational. She came out with a line of stamps that are just so darn cute. So the new spooky ones are right up my alley! Plus I some how lost all my Halloween stamps and the only one I have I used in this project how sad....must have more Halloween stamps.

OK so back to my project LOL
I love love love love you get the idea that I love Halloween.
Well so of course my house it's a Disney Halloween. We go to the Mickey's Not-So-Scary-Halloween party every year. We are going the night of the 22nd this October....LOVE IT!

So my house decorations ALL have a Disney theme to theme, but so do my Halloween cards. This was probably the "hardest one I am doing this year, and by hard I mean you have to cut and paste LOL They are not that hard! So here is card #1

OK so here is how I made this card!
Yes I had to use Design Studio

Card Basics
Black was Brazzil's Basic Black 11 x 4 1/4 folded in half to make a 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches card
Pattern Paper Stampin Up Wicked Fun Designer's Series cut to 5 1/4 x 4 inches
..whole pack is super cute
Orange is Pumpkin Spice by Stampin Up cut to 5 x 3 3/4 inches
Stamp of Boo to You was a Studio G stamp and I used
Stampin Up Rich Razzleberry
Ribbon is from Micheal's Halloween Collection

Mickey the Wizard
I did use my Design Studio to make sure everything fit.

Cartridge is Mickey and Friends
Page 79 Mickey main button
with details cut at 3.299 x 4.388
Cream color paper for face cut at 1.433 x 1.336
Eyes using white cut at .581 x .89
  I did use the hide contour feature for the buttons since I was not going to be using them
Pink Paper for the tongue cut at .481 x .213

Now assemble Mickey's face...then here comes the hard part cut off Mickey's head...yes I said it LOL
I am only using Mickey's head. The rest of the wizard was Paper Doll Dress Up. It is much easy to "line" up Mickey's head to a paper doll body then it is to line up the paper doll clothes to Mickey's body.

Now for the Wizard Portion
Cartridge used Paper Doll Dress Up
Black paper for the main body page 29
   I just used the main image.
cut at 3.072 x 4.415
Now for the Wizard parts page 54
Cape was DCWV Metallic paper in Light Blue cut at 3.631 x 3.286
Robe with stars is just Blue paper cut at 2.672 x 2.521
The black out robe is yellow paper cut at 2.6 x 2.5
If you were to use the feet the shoes need to be cut at 2.189 x .713
Hat was same blue paper from robe cut at 1.184 x 1.88 PLUS rotate the image -8.854

Ok so here come the HARD parts
Trim the paper doll head side but leave the middle portion of the head.
Glue your Mickey head on to the paper doll head.
Now take your scissors and cut off the pinkie of the paper doll's hands.
Now assemble the rest of the wizards clothes to the body.
Now for the hat.
I cut it a little big so I cut the hat right above the top star. Now I cheated
for the back of the hat. All I did was cut a small piece of the yellow paper and glue it to the back of the hat. I didn't want to try hiding all the starts and such to cut a plain hat. So cheating worked.
Also for my card I cut off the doll's legs. Mainly just to make him fit to the card.
The staff
I just cut off the top of the staff and placed a Rhinestone that I bought that was already in the shape of a Mickey Head.
That's the END....Have fun and try's not as hard as it sounds.

Hubby promised to video my next card for Tomorrow....See my Mickey Ghost card!
See Ya Later


  1. You did a great job on Sorcerer Mickey! Enjoy MNSSHP! It's my favorite seasonal event at WDW!


  2. Awesome Sorcerer Mickey card! Have fun at WDW for MNSSHP. One day we hope to go for the halloween festivities.

  3. I Love your card! One of these day's we'll get to go to the MNSSHP... this year we get to go the Christmas stuff.


  4. The sorcerer Mickey looks great! I should post my wonky sorcerer Mickey from Fantasmic. I never thought to use a PDDU body instead I tried to use Mickey's body.

    I would love to go to the Circle Swarm! It's open to all now but just too far for me to travel.