Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Project Sixty-two


Welcome to My Mouse Dreams!

So I am finishing up all the great things I did for my daughters party.
These were the center pieces for the party goers tables.

First I started with a plain red plastic cup, I think I bought them at Wal-Mart for a dollar each.
Then I took a 1 inch round punch and cut white plain paper circles.
I then ran all the circles through my Xyron sticker maker and created circle stickers and placed around the cups.
I then created 3 different size squares. For each cup I used 1 8 inch square, 1 6 inch square and 1 4 inch square. You must use doubled sided paper, or I took single sided and glued the blank sides together creating my own unique patterns.
On each square you cut a straight line from the edge towards the center.
ON the 8 inch squares I cut a 3 inches
On 6 inch squares I cut 2 1/4 inches
On 4 inch squares I cut 1 3/4 inches
Then I took the and folded the corner of each point and fastened it to the center with a brad
OK Now that all the pinwheels are made, lets put this all together.
I used Popsicle sticks and painted them black.
For the small ones I glues two together length wise.
For the larger ones I glued three together length wise.
I then hot glued the pin wheels to one end of the Popsicle sticks.
I then made small batches of plaster of Paris. This would be for two purposes.
First would be something to attach the pin wheels in and
second would give the cups the weight I needed for them not to blow over.
I added the pin wheels when the plaster had set up for a few minutes so they would stay in place.
Once the plaster had dried I added shredded white paper on the tops to cover the plaster.
I had made more but some got kidnapped of the tables.
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