Thursday, January 16, 2014

Project Sixty-three

Welcome Back!

  So most of you know I home school my three kids. Yes, I said three! That's why my life has become CRAZY! My husband and I adopted two girls who are now 10 and 12. When we got custody of them they were 7 and 9. Well they had an older sister, who we were not allowed to adopt at the time. Fast forward three years and we got custody of her this past November. So we became instant parents of a teenager. Yes, she is 14, God help me stay focused. So the girls are now all together, which has been over 7 years since they have lived together. So we have great days and not so great days.

  So on to what we did the other day. I got an email so forgive me I do not know of the site who made star wands, but they gave me the idea. Three kids on the last few days of "our" Advent and Christmas holiday. SO we made wands all of us. They each picked an icon, and yeah there were all off a Disney Cartridge! So here is the picture.

So My Youngest picked the Tiara off Disney Happily Ever After
My middle Daughter who loves Tinker Bell choose the icon of her head
My Oldest who is in love with the new movie Frozen picked the Snowflake from the Winnie the Pooh and friends cartridges.
I of course picked my favorite icon of Mickey Font.

I used my gypsy but you don't have too. All images were cut at 4 inches.
I cut 1 regular image then I cut the same image just mirror it. That when they are placed together the pieces line up. Yes, I forgot this when making the Tinker Bell.  

Once Cut I let the girls go through my scrap ribbons and scrap accessories to decorate. I had them glue the ribbons to the back side. Then for the wand part I used wooden skewers I had in the kitchen. Once we placed the ribbons and skewer in the right spot we glues on the back.

Then they decorated the front.
I encourage them to take their time. It took about 25 minutes to decorate.
Then hours of play time in their rooms.  

PS If you are the one who gave me this awesome idea from your blog ... PLEASE email me
and I will give you complete credit!!

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