Sunday, April 27, 2014

Project Seventy-two

Welcome Back!

So, I have been making t-shirts for my kids last few birthdays.

Last year I only had the two little girls. Their birthdays are 11 days apart. We had a huge Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed party. This was my youngest T-shirt from last year.

This year with all the changes and the addition of their older sister, whose birthday isn't until the end of May, we kept the party to a family level.

So I decided to pick the child's favorite character and run with it a little. How many of you have seen the Mickey Mouse icon's transformed into other characters? I love them! So I tried my best to do the same for this years shirts.

My youngest favorite is Aurora. This is her shirt.

It looks cute I think. I cute Mickey Icons on 7 different pieces of fabric with the heat on bond already fused to the fabric. I then basically cut and iron each separate layer on top of each other. No I learned my lesson. After the third layer I put to much on. I ended up having to use fabric glue on the edges to ensure it stayed down. The crown is from the Happily Ever After.

The letters are from the Craft Room Cricut Basics. I love this font! Wait to you see the next one!

Have a Magical Day