Friday, November 6, 2015

Project One Hundred Eighty-five

Hello Mouse Friends .....
Today's project was a shirt I made for my oldest daughter. Lily is 16, with special needs.
She has been reading the Percy Jackson books for her reading and book reports. Well she loves them. Which I love seeing her excited. Lily is a very happy girl. She has problems understanding adults most of the time. See, Lily may be 16 but developmentally she is around 9. So, Lily asked for a Camp Half-Blood shirt like the characters in the book wear. It took me a bit but I found the right font and the right image.
She was so excited when we gave it took her .... she was speechless!!
Score MOM!!
So the font is Thor and honestly I just Googled Pegasus SVG and this one was free.
I used Black Iron on vinyl from Happy Crafters
I just got an orange shirt from Walmart.
I am really getting back into crafting for me .....
I make shirts all the time for my girls .... I need to start sharing how darn cute they are and how easy they are!!

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  1. Oh how CUTE! What an AWESOME Mom you are! Glad you're still crafting! Like to stop by and check out your work when I find the free time! :)

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations